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Cabinet: Discussing with the Russian side a draft agreement to establish a "Saudi-Russian Economic Committee" - Wednesday, 04 Shaaban 1442


الخميس, 05 شعبان 1442

The Council of Ministers held its session today - via video call - chaired by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Prime Minister, may God protect him. At the beginning of the session, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques briefed the Council of Ministers on the content of the message he sent - he supported him God, to his brother His Highness Sheikh Nawwaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Emir of the State of Kuwait, and the affirmation that it contained on the solid relations between the two countries and the two brotherly peoples. Then the Council reviewed the entirety of the talks and consultations conducted by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince - may God protect him - with the Prime Minister The Republic of India, Narendra Modi, the Special Envoy of the President of the Russian Federation for Syrian Settlement Affairs, Alexander Lavrentiev, and His Excellency the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and the contents of the review of bilateral relations and ways to support and develop them, discuss developments in regional and international situations, and coordinate efforts towards them in a way that enhances security and stability. In this context, the ministers affirmed the importance of continuing to support efforts to resolve the crisis in Syria, and find a political path that adds to the settlement and stability of the situation in it, in a manner that guarantees the security of its people and protects them from the international organizations. In his statement to the Saudi News Agency, the Council affirmed the Kingdom's support for the efforts of the UN envoy in Yemen to reach a comprehensive ceasefire and start a comprehensive political process according to the three references. (The Gulf Initiative and its implementation mechanisms, the outcomes of the National Dialogue, and Security Council Resolution 2216), stressing the importance of extending the arms embargo on Iran, as it continues to provide the Houthi terrorist militia with advanced weapons and drones that are used in terrorizing Yemenis, and targeting civilians and civilian objects in the Kingdom in a manner. The Council of Ministers also expressed the Kingdom's support for international efforts aimed at ensuring that the Iranian regime does not develop a system of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, and to make the Arab Gulf region free of all weapons of mass destruction, and to respect the independence and sovereignty of states and not to interfere in their internal affairs. The Kingdom's congratulations to the sisterly state of Libya, government and people, on the occasion of granting confidence to the government of national unity, and its support for the continuing efforts To a political solution to the crisis, and our aspiration for this step to achieve security, stability and development in it, to preserve its unity and sovereignty, and to prevent external interference that endangers Arab regional security. His Excellency indicated that the Council of Ministers dealt with the developments of the Corona pandemic locally and internationally, and the latest recorded statistics and indicators of relevance. The link, in light of the efforts made to control the fluctuation in the curve of infections, the continued expansion of the vaccination campaign, and the launch of more vaccination centers in various regions of the Kingdom, in order to preserve the health and safety of citizens and residents and limit the spread of the virus, and facilitate them to be vaccinated with approved vaccines that have shown high protection The Council reviewed the topics on its agenda, including topics that the Shura Council participated in studying, as well as the findings of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs, the Council of Political and Security Affairs, the General Committee of the Council of Ministers, and the Commission First: The mandate of His Royal Highness, Minister of National Guard, Head of the Saudi side in the Economic Committee Saudi Arabia - or whoever deputizes for it - is able to negotiate with the Russian side regarding the draft agreement establishing the Saudi-Russian Economic Committee between the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the government of the Russian Federation, signing it, and then submitting the final signed copy, to complete the legal procedures. An understanding of cooperation in the radio and television field between the Radio and Television Corporation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the channel (TV.RI) in the Republic of Indonesia, and authorizing His Excellency the Minister of Information, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Radio and Television Corporation - or his representative - to negotiate with the Indonesian side about it and sign it. Within the framework of the Saudi-Indonesian joint committee. Third: Approval of the Kingdom's accession to the protocol supplementing the (The Hague International) Convention of 1970, relating to the suppression of the unlawful seizure of aircraft (Beijing Protocol 2010). Fourth: Approval of the governing principles of the Assembly of Arab House of Representatives (the system) Fifth: Approval of the agricultural system, and this system will cancel, after its entry into force, the following regulations: Quliyah of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, issued by Royal Decree No. (M / 9) dated 3/27/1408 AH. The Livestock Law, issued by Royal Decree No. (M / 13) dated 3/10/1424 AH. The Beekeeping System, issued by the Decree Royal No. (M / 15) dated 3/13/1431 AH The Organic Agriculture Law issued by Royal Decree No. (M / 55) dated 9/16/1435 AH The rules regulating trade in agricultural machinery, issued by Cabinet Resolution No. (96) And the date of 05/21/1405 AH Sixth: Approval of the privatization system Seventh: Approval of promotions to the two ranks (fifteenth) and (fourteenth), and appointment to the position of (ambassador), as follows: Sultan bin Muhammad bin Sultan al-Tayyar is promoted to A post of (security advisor) at the (fifteenth) rank at the Ministry of Interior. - Promoting Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al Dokhi to a position (security advisor) at the rank (fifteenth) at the General Directorate of Border Guards. - Appointing Dr. / Abdullah bin Fahd bin Ali Al-Qahtani to a position ( Ambassador (at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) - Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Swailem is promoted to the position of Deputy Secretary for Municipalities Affairs of the region (ranked fifth)